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Our Mission.

Imagine a cycling event where everyone will achieve growth. Personal and sporting.

Our vision.

We help people become more mentally and physically powerful, healthier and happier.

Our idea.

We are the event that guarantees participants a broadening of horizons.

Start the best tour of your life.

Your site of happiness growth is our promise.

The Mecklenburger Seen Runde is an event for everyone of all performance and age groups, for cycling enthusiasts from beginners and pleasure cyclists, to semi-professionals or professionals.

We are the event that guarantees participants a broadening of their horizons. We help men and women alike evaluate their performance positively, strengthen their self-confidence and use their full mental and physical power. For more zest for life. For more fun while cycling.

One night and one day for 300 kilometers on the bike. That's adventure, that's passion - and that is and remains the ultimate challenge for all recreational riders.

The finisher's medal is awarded at the finish line.

Everyone who sets out to train for the MSR is already a winner for us.

Everyone can do the MSR - we show you how to do it and how to prepare for your MSR.

We motivate people to continuously develop mentally and improve athletically by helping them reach their full potential. Through training plans, #happyrides, preparation tips, nutrition tips, etc.

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