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MSR training schedules.

Made by KS-Sportsworld.

For your optimal preparation for the most beautiful bike ride of your life, we offer you, in cooperation with KS-Sportsworld, led by the experienced sports scientist Dr. Konrad Smolinski, training plans for beginners and advanced for the MSR 300 and the MSR 100.

The beginner training plans are aimed at starters who do not have a specific riding time as a goal, but simply want to safely complete the 100- or 300-kilometer lap. The weekly training effort is easily compatible with work and family and longer training rides take place between March and May.

The advanced training plans assume previous experience in tackling longer distances. If you're aiming for a personal best, they'll help you get to the MSR your best performance after a few months on the dot.

In addition, KS-Sportsworld offers the development of absolutely individualized training plans. Dr. Smolinski coaches recreational and elite athletes, as well as teams, such as the Thuringian RAAM team led by our friend Sven Ole Müller. In 2016 they won the Race-Across-America and their last stop before the RAAM was the MSR 2016.

Download training schedules.

Download here the MSR 300 training schedule that is the fitting one for you:

Download here the MSR 100 training schedule that is the fitting one for you:

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