Strong together. Our sponsors and partners.

2016 we have inspried more than 3000 cyclists.

  • „Knowing your own performance limits was the goal. And arrive. The weather did not make it easy for me and the others. But the physics at the food places have always put me on the track. The cheering calls from the spectators, the feeling in the group on the track, as well as the fun with the stretching posts in pouring rain, have carried me to the goal. For me, I am firmly - as soon as possible. Thumbs up - see you.“

  • „For me as an enthusiastic cyclist, this event is an absolute must in front of my doorstep. A great atmosphere among the participants, the unique landscape and the applause of numerous spectators at the edge of the course have left me a few hardships and weather caprioles forgotten. A big thanks to the organization team and to the many helpers on and off the track! My anticipation for the MSR 2016 increases with every day ...“

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